The Article Who Cried “Angry Black Woman”

"The Article Who Cried Angry Black Woman" @shondarhimes @nytimes

  In the midst of fall television there are bound to be critic reports and reviews of all the new seasons and series. Some will recognize the brilliance of the writers like Slate’s Willa Paskin about The Good Wife or simply seek to inform about all that is coming up like the countless flow of articles from entertainment outlet, Entertainment Weekly. And then there are some that come out the…

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goooooooood Lorrrrrrrrd

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5 Things We Can Expect from Season 4 of ABC’s Scandal

People, we are officially one week away! Get prepared with my “5 Things We Can Expect from Season 4 of ABC’s #Scandal” ! #FallTV


  Thank you ABC, another wait is over and we are officially days away from a new season of SCANDAL! As always, the season finale left us in a disarray and already grasping for the next episode, knowing it would be months away. But behold, those months are in the past and we’re getting back our taste of manipulating, fast-paced, romantic, disgusting (thanks Huckleberry Quinn) and twisted D.C..…

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Checking Out & Committed To: My Fall 2014 TV List

Here to help you sift through #FallTV!

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  Aaaaaah YEAH! It’s that beautiful time of the year. The temperature takes a little drop, sweaters will begin to come out, leaves will change and primetime television is reignited with stacked schedules of fresh programming from 8 pm to 10pm. Sunday thru Friday. Drama to Comedy. Thirty minutes to an Hour. Y’all, fall shows are back!


Each season, I highly anticipate the return of my favorites e…

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I may have been in her presence last night/this morning …


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